These classes are an introduction to basic fundamentals and movements of ballet, tap and tumbling through creative expression.

The student learns the basics of Ballet including Barre and Center Floor Work and is exposed to the French Terminology that forms the basic universal language of Ballet.  Emphasis is made on proper technique and correct body building.  Ballet also focuses on development  of individual expressive qualities such as poise and grace.

Pointe classes are designed to enhance dancers technical development and artistry.  This class will be offered only to ballet students with at least three years of training, eleven years old and with the permission of the faculty.  The student must be the appropriate weight for their size.

Tap dancing develops better coordination and timing.  Emphasis is made on musicality and acquiring clarity and speed by incorporating all types of rhythmic patterns.

Jazz is an expressive dance form that also helps to develop strength and mobility of movement.  These classes focus on discipline of learning, choreography and execution of movement.  Jazz classes range from Traditional to Contemporary.

Modern is a form of dance created in the 20th century that breaks with Western ballet tradition and features the individual's movement language and choreographic style. A variety of modern dance techniques will be explored including Graham, Horton, Limon and others.These classes will focus on increasing the strength and flexibility of the dancer as well as fluidity of movement and body awareness.

Hip Hop
Hip Hop allows the dancer to develop the strength of a jazz dancer and combine it with physical strength.  This class will give you the ability to enhance your natural abilities.  Hip Hop is a funk/jazz-style dance, which features muscle toning and combinations that bridge the gap between the clubs and professional dance.

Student Demonstrators, Student Teachers & Teacher's Assistants
We offer a student teacher training program where our advanced students can be further involved with the studio and the children by assisting in other dance classes. The girls benefit by refining their technique in the teaching and enjoy their interaction with the students. Many of our Teacher's Assistants are given the opportunity to lead short portions of the class.

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