Dress Code

DANCEWEAR 2018-2019

Please review your child's dancewear for this year's class placement.  I will send a reminder of your child's class dancewear with the studio welcome letter this year.  This letter should be taken with you to purchase dancewear to assure you have the right uniform pieces.  There will be a studio shoe & dancewear sale for your convenience on September 11 & 12, 2018 from 4-6 pm.  Shoes and dancewear can be purchased at that time for pickup at the studio.

Dancewear 1

Mommy* & Me (30 minute class) • Ages 2 - 3 • No recital

Ballet 1 (30 minute class) • Ages 3 - 4 • 1 costume for recital

Ballet 2 (35 minute class) • Ages 4 - 5 • 1 costume for recital

  • Dancewear:  Revolution Pink skirted leotard, pink tights (available only through the studio)
  • Ballet:  Capezio Lily 212C pink ballet slippers
  • *Mother/Adult Friend in Mommy & Me class should wear comfortable clothes for movement and socks - street shoes are not allowed in the studio

Dancewear 2

Ballet / Tap (45/60 minute class) • Kindergarten - 3rd Grade • 1 costume for recital

  • Dancewear:  Capezio purple scoop neck long sleeve leotard, pink tights
  • Ballet:  Capezio Lily 212C pink ballet slippers
  • Tap:  So Danca #T35 white tap shoes, pink socks
  • Optional:  Revolution pink slip-on ballet skirt, Revolution pink ballet sweater

Dancewear 3

Ballet / Jazz / Tap (75/90 minute class) • 2nd - 6th Grade • 2 costumes for recital

  • Dancewear:  Capezio #201 black tank leotard, Revolution classic pink tights
  • Ballet:  So Danca #SD-60G/L pink split-sole ballet slippers
  • Jazz:  So Danca #JZ-45 tan split-sole slip on jazz shoes
  • Tap:  So Danca #TA06/07 tan strap tap shoes
  • Optional:  Ballet - Black pull-on ballet skirt, black ballet sweater; Jazz/Tap - Capezio CC600C black dance shorts

Dancewear 4

Ballet / Jazz / Tap (90/105 minute class) • 7th Grade and above • 2 or 3 costumes for recital

  • Dancewear:  Black camisole or tank leotard, Revolution tan tights
  • Ballet:  Body Wrappers #246A Jazzy Tan canvas split-sole ballet slippers (new ballet slippers may be needed for the recital)
  • Jazz:  So Danca #JZ-45 tan split-sole slip on jazz shoes
  • Tap:  So Danca #TA44L tan cuban heel tap shoe is required.  Bloch #389 black slip-on tap shoes are optional for High School classes
  • Optional:  Ballet - Capezio CC600C black dance shorts, black ballet sweater, leg warmers, black sports bra under leotard; Jazz/Tap - Studio dance shirt

Dancewear 5

Pointé & Modern (30/45 minute class) • 1 costume for recital

  • Pointé:  Black camisole or tank leotard, ballet pink or tan tights, black fitted shorts; Footwear:  Ballet pink toe shoes; Optional:  Black ballet sweater, leg warmers
  • Modern:  Dancewear from Dancewear 4, stirrup or convertible tights; Footwear:  Body Wrappers #620 nude canvas half-sole

Dancewear 6

Hip Hop (45 minute class) • 4th Grade and above • 1 costume and shoes for recital

  • Dancewear:  Black tank or camisole leotard; tan tights; black shorts, capris, or leggings; t-shirt
  • Shoes:  Any non-marking sneakers used only in studio (white sole).  These shoes are NOT to be used outside the studio. New shoes will be purchased for the recital to coordinate with costume.
All dancewear and shoes will be available to order at the studio on Tuesday, September 11, or Wednesday, September 12 from 4:00-6:00 pm.  Dancewear ordered on these days will be available for pickup at the first class.  I will also be taking orders the first week of classes.  You may wear any dancewear for the first week of classes (t-shirt, shorts, & leggings or leotard; tights).

If you have used tap and jazz shoes in good condition that you would like to try and sell, you can drop them off at the studio on Monday, September 10, from 4:00-6:00 pm.  Please make sure that they are clean and are labeled with your name and how much you want for them.

If you are unable to make it to the studio, you can go to Capezio Wellesley, 330A Washington St., Wellesley, MA, 02481.  Their phone number is 781-237-5526.  Bring a copy of the welcome letter you received in the mail from me in August with you so that she can help you get the correct dancewear.  Revolution dancewear is only available through the studio.

Pointé students must call Capezio ahead of time to make an appointment for a fitting.
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